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Natural Health Consulting

Explore alternative ways to health and wholeness. We are here to provide

education, support, and consulting on your healing journey.

Packages Available (3 or more per year)
Learn Alternative Ways to Health & Wholeness
Discover How Spiritual Healing Relates to the Body
Low Dose Immunotherapy Dosing (Doctor's Order)
Summary of Bioenergetic Testing for Practitioners
Establish Functional/Integrative Medicine Referrals
Consulting & Testing are currently Remote only

Coaching & Care

We are thrilled to offer customized packages

for you individual needs during every season of life.

Individual Sessions and Packages Available
Discover the Beauty of Who You Truly Are
Give Your Pain a Purpose
Enjoy Spiritual & Soul Care
Learn Strategies to Be an Overcomer
Understand the Power of Forgiveness
Encounter God in a deeper, more meaningful way
Coaching is by Zoom or Phone

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