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Begin Your Healing Journey

 Personalized Natural Health Consulting and Christian Life Coaching & Care designed to help you create a life of wholeness and purpose.

Welcome to Arise Wellness

We are honored to join you on the journey! 

Our passion is to see individuals overcome while walking out their life journey!

We specialize in Personalized Natural Health Consulting and Christian Life Coaching & Care. We desire to reach people who need a breakthrough spiritually, emotionally, or physically by providing services and resources for living a life of wholeness and purpose. We believe that we are here to help bring understanding, bridge gaps, and remove obstacles.

Members enjoy being part of a loving, supportive community while receiving customized care suited to their individual needs.

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Need Some Encouragement on Your Journey?

Natural Health


Natural Health Consulting will allow you to explore alternative ways to health and wholeness...

Coaching & Care

At Arise Wellness we are thrilled to offer a variety of services customized to your individual needs, including...


"I have collaborated with Lisa for several years. Patients overwhelmingly report results when her analysis is combined with conventional treatment approaches." 

Adrian Jones
Chiropractor / Nurse Practitioner

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